Welcome to Faafu Atoll Hospital

Faafu Atoll Hospital was initially established as Faafu Nilandhoo Health Centre on 30th April 1996 and was made a hospital on 16th December 2006. Faafu Atoll Hospital is a dream come true for the people of Faafu atoll in pursuit of improved medical care in the atoll itself.


To provide the highest standard of care and treatment in the most professional and compassionate manner to all our customers.


To become a great institute for medical services in the Maldives

Service charter

Faafu Atoll Hospital
Faafu,   Nilandhoo

Organization chart


  1. Zimmaadhaaru Veriyaa

    1. Technical Services Division

      1. Out Patient Department

        1. Customer Relation Unit

        2. Clinical Support Service Unit

        3. Reception Unit

      2. Human Resource Department

        1. Human Resource Unit

        2. Foreign Recruitment Unit

        3. Payroll Unit

      3. Nursing Department

        1. General Nursing Unit

        2. Attendent Unit

      4. Diagnostic & Therapeutic Department

        1. Laboratory Service Unit

        2. Physiotherapy Unit

        3. Radiology Service Unit

      5. Public Health Department

        1. Public Health Unit

          1. Senior Comunity Health

          2. Comunity Health

          3. Family Health

      6. Clinical Service Division

        1. Consultants Health

        2. Medical Officers Unit

        3. Dental Unit

    2. Coroporate Service Division

      1. Administrative Section

        1. Procurement Unit

        2. IT Section

        3. Supply Unit

          1. Medical Supply Unit

          2. Inventory Section

          3. General Store Section

      2. Budget & Finance Unit

        1. Finance Unit

        2. Revenue Unit

        1. Maintenance & Utility Service Unit

        2. Transport & Logistice Unit

        3. Housekeeping Unit

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